Acknowledge to students that I recognize/understand their distractions
Explicitly build coaching strategies for how to deal w/ this fragmentation into their lives
Incorporate techniques into my teaching
Bring this issue up to my students/
Have a discussion
Set ground rules at the beginning of a class
Ask students to share stories about distraction
I’m going to spend more time talking about “Mara’s “Lost Conversations” in relationship to teaching and also set stronger guidelines
Continue to ask (demand!) that cell phones be put away during advising meetings
Reflect on how my syllabus can reflect and instruct concerning what we have talked about today.
I’m going to rethink my course content and include a variety of opportunities for reflection and contemplation.  Rather than worry about covering all the material, I am going to focus more on deeper analysis and understanding of the content.
Preach a Gospel of Moderation
Practice the 4 days fast from technology
Keep demanding the university change the physical structure of my classroom so I have a space to teach
Try to begin and end with reflective writing
Maybe stop using Angel
I’ve been encouraged to do less feedback on papers and more conferences.
Maintain the guidelines for acceptable behavior
Model the results of attention—let student see and emulate peers who are successful
Continue my own practice (walk my talk!)
Be more intentional.  Haven’t had many problems, but modeling good behavior and helping students to grasp the responsibilities of being in the world with others is an important part of what we do.
Put sample syllabus on our CELT website (e.g. for potential wording, IT policies, ground rules/agreements.
Control my own distractions
Be more explicit in syllabus/1st day of class about setting expectations are important (professional development, conscientiousness, courtesy…)
Incorporate syllabus language on tech norms
English computer users in class effort
Become more reflective about my own addictive behaviors and share that reflection with others
Raise the issue in my department and suggest a “brown bag” discussion
Be clearer about the effects of technology use and how it impacts learning and social interactions

Engage students in the conversation
Take advantage of the critical mass of close colleagues in attendance today.
Discuss w/ my colleagues and students
Ask students their opinion of this subject
Speak w/ colleagues about the broader implications of distractions
Suggest the University to make some changes from the institutional perspective
I will bring this up in faculty meetings
Share this information at my next staff meeting
Open discussion with students; reflect on my own life & behaviors.  Search out solutions to classroom effects & distraction
Bring it up at faculty meetings, discuss w/ students
Raise these issues in a department workshop.
Devise a plan for family and attentiveness—and see if it also pertains in some ways to the classroom.
This is a daily issue that involves my classes, my family and me.
..Continue to incorporate the desired results into the learning process”
I’m hoping there will be more gatherings of this same group.  It would be nice to have a semi-guided conversation with beer/wine some afternoon.
Take it back to CETL – workshops?  Raise the topic in other workshops where relevant.
Talk about distractions at least once in each class every quarter
Talk about it w/ my colleagues, family and friends.
Open discussion w/ colleagues
Continue conversation w/ students (in class)
Pick “teachable moments” to discuss
Talk about it w/ whomever is interested (at work, coffee shops, etc.)
Talk w/ others in my department, start a department conversation
Include my students in the conversation—find ways to constructively and appropriately incorporate this topic into my/our disciplined class
Do further research on topic