“It was a great workshop, timely and practical. I got a lot out of it and here are some thoughts: I used to complain about distractions but never spent time to analyze this problem. This workshop made me sit down and find ways to control distractions in personal life and the classroom”

“Students look up to teachers to set up norms /guidelines regarding technology distractions in class. If such norms are campus wide, we can help develop a positive component of Seattle University culture.”

“Students know what they are getting from technology (cell phones, texting, emails) but they don’t know what they missing (such as, students, if they are talking on cell phones, miss informal talks with their teachers outside classroom.)”

"...The seminar concept and execution were really amazing. The topic of distraction in the wired age and its effects on students’ ability to think deeply was so important and apropos.  I taught my class immediately after the seminar and began with a discussion of technology and its impact on learning. I also encouraged them not to use their cell phones for an hour after class—this in conjunction with the brief meditation with the monks in my class really sent an important message.
The seminar was really well organized, dynamic and one of the few that I actually would have continued to participate in if given a few more additional hours.  I look forward to follow up seminars to continue the discussion and to work on developing university wide solutions..."

“A great kick start for a mega issue that has not been on the SU radar.  How about this workshop for the administration?  They need it!”

“This was excellent, well organized and opportunities for discussion w/ colleagues are important and appreciated.”

“Very useful set of presentations.  Thanks.”

“Great Workshop!  Would have enjoyed more talk about solutions from other participants.”

“Great Workshop, Mara—awesome!”